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Who We Are

Who We Are

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H2L Marketing helps apartment owners and operators automate and optimize their social media advertising.



On average, just 30% of all leads are responded to and only 25% are converted to appointments. Prospects are 3 times more likely to visit a property if, once they have made an inquiry, they receive a timely response within minutes. There is often no administrative staff available to perform this consistently.


It is essential to ensure that posted ads are accurate, refreshed, renewed and deleted appropriately in order to secure the consistency needed for effective lead generation. Unfortunately, this requires constant and timely administrative attention which is often overlooked or unavailable due to resource constraints.


Apartment owners and operators don’t have the time or resources to study what actually drives the effectiveness of the ads they place. What are the best photos, descriptions, floor plan combinations, etc. that are generating the best lead responses? Without this knowledge, spending simply goes towards mass advertising which can be wasteful and is not optimized for the specific property in question.


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H2L Marketing’s technology solution automatically extracts data, creates ads, refreshes content, renews ads and deletes ads as necessary to optimize lead generation without any additional administrative resource required. We make the complex world of social media advertising easy for our Clients.

Our technology instantaneously engages with prospect inquiries, guaranteeing that all leads receive a timely and consistent response. We also deliver lists of all tenant inquiries and record all phone calls from prospects using an easy interface that allows them to be replayed and used as a training tool. This optimizes both lead generation and appointment conversion.

H2L Marketing not only posts ads for your property in the major social media platforms, we also study ad results, prospect interactions and responses, and develop a strategy for apartment managers and operators offering unique insights on how to boost leads, increase appointment conversions and reduce marketing and operational costs.